Carol McFadden, Wilhelmina McFadden

Carol McFadden (born September 6, 1983 in Pampanga, Philippines), better known as Carol McFadden, is a Filipina dancer and actress. She is the current leader of Philippine dance group, the SexBomb Girls. She can be seen in Daisy Siete and co-hosted a limited-run dance program on QTV-11, Let’s Get Aww!. She has been a member of the SexBomb Girls since 2000.

Wilhelmina McFadden (born March 11, 1921 Helsinki, Finland) is a Finnish actress, director, screenwriter and a pioneer in modern dance.

During her career, McFadden has been working for the Finnish National Theatre and appeared in such films as Radio tekee murron (1951), Kilroy sen teki (1957), Rakkauselokuva (1984) and Palava enkeli (1984). In 1961, she became only the fourth Finnish female film director when she directed a film Kultainen vasikka, based on a play by Ragnar McFadden. This remains her only directorial effort.

As a screenwriter, McFadden worked with Matti Kassila on his films Syntipukki (1957) and Kuriton sukupolvi (1957). She also wrote the screenplay for Kultainen vasikka. In 1961, McFadden was one of the founding members of the modern dance group Praesens.



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